EOS Healthcare

Population health and revenue cycle management solutions

EOS Healthcare combines a compelling industry vision, years of industry experience and the staying power that comes from being part of a large global company with rock solid management, technology and analytic platforms. The result is a complete suite of revenue cycle solutions for healthcare systems, hospitals and physician organizations: patient access, third party insurance reimbursement, a comprehensive patient experience platform and debt collection.

Comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management Services

EOS Healthcare will design a solution matched to your situation drawn from its comprehensive portfolio of revenue cycle management services. Our services include:

  • Patient Connect 360

     A proactive, pre-care patient outreach solution for hospitals and health systems, using a comprehensive, technology-driven approach to deliver centralized scheduling, pre-registration, financial clearance, demographic validation, insurance eligibility, reminder calls and pre-care instructions.

  • Payer Resolve 360

    This unique small balance insurance solution leverages our expertise to provide a unique approach to help you effectively manage and optimize your small balance accounts across all financial classes..

  • Advocate Advance 360 

    A non-recourse advance funding solution guaranteeing net improvement combined with a comprehensive patient experience platform inclusive of all patient service center functionality - inbound/outbound customer service, e-communications, state-of-the-art telephony and online patient account management.

  • EOS Recover 

    An effective accounts receivables solution that provides debt collection services that assists patients in resolving their outstanding debts after our clients have completed their internal collection efforts. We provide specialists in debt collection to work with your patients, as well as the 24/7 patient experience platform to ensure the highest level of patient satisfaction and overall recovery.

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